What is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is all about creating new strategies with your child to learn and gain more information at school, sport, dance and everyday life. It is for all ages.

Vision therapy in clinic

Utilises the more recent technology and research to guide you or your child to track, team, focus and process information effectively and efficiently. It is also effective in helping the eyes suffer less as our times on devices increase. We offer one-on-one individualised treatment programs at the clinic.

Some symptoms of a vision problem include: Skipping words, losing place when reading, falling asleep while reading, blurry vision, words moving around he page, comprehension declining over time, short attention span, and confusing words with similar beginnings.

Vision therapy works to improve the visual skills to assist the above areas. If the eyes are not teaming or scanning across the page or tablet properly then this will cause the person to skip words or lose place. Words may move around on the page or tablet, or words are not seen correctly (confuse words with similar beginnings) and it becomes too difficult to concentrate and comprehend.

Vision therapy is not a cure for dyslexia or ADHD, but assists with a part of the puzzle to help your child’s learning. In the case of an adult vision therapy reduces many symptoms when at work.